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Ince Gordon Dadds and Hotel Property UK hosts "Beds over Sheds" breakfast seminar


On Tuesday 30th April Ince Gordon Dadds LLP were delighted to welcome 70 guests to a ‘Beds over Sheds/ breakfast seminar at our Aldgate Tower office.

The event was co-hosted with Hotel Property UK, an association for Investors, Owners and Developers of UK Hotel and Real Estate. The association offers information, expertise and resources by way of a collegiate panel of professional partners who individually cover all aspects of site acquisition, funding, design, construction and fitting out of a hotel investment.

Proceedings were chaired by Alan Barnett - Partner & Jonathan Lass – Consultant, with speakers, Dan Jestico/Anna Snow (both directors at) - Iceni Projects who are a multi-skilled consultancy that helps make better places, transforming property and planning for communities, clients and local government, Simon Coles – (one of the founding principals at) Aros Architects who are a boutique London architectural practice offering a blend of practical, hands-on experience and creative design flair – turning ordinary places into amazing spaces, and lastly Marc Finney – (head of International hotel & resorts) Colliers who are a leading global real estate services and investment management company.

Our expert speakers considered the pressures on development, particularly in urban centres where available space can be scarce. The challenge for the real estate community is to develop or re-purpose property in a way that most effectively balances investor return with sustainability and planning policy.  We anticipate that ‘co-location’ will continue to grow in prominence as an important part of the solution.  In this regard, our experts noted that hotels can be the ideal companion to a range of other uses within a property - be that industrial, retail, office or residential.  The combination of ‘beds with sheds’ and the associated sharing of plant, equipment, car parking together with complimentary hours of use will likely result in some exciting and perhaps unexpected opportunities.

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