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From Ince Gordon Dadds

Ince Asia successfully hosts another Taiwan Shipping Briefing


The firm successfully hosted the Taiwan Shipping Briefing on 7 November at The Sherwood in Taipei with close to 100 attendees ranging from shipping companies, traders, financiers, brokers, insurers, shipyard professional, surveyors, logistics operators and leasing companies.

This includes Aon Taiwan, Bank SinoPac, Taishin Bank, Chailease Holdings Co., Ltd, Cheng Lie Navigation Co Ltd, Chinese Maritime Transport, CPC Corporation, CTX Special Risks (Taiwan) Ltd, Glory Navigation Co., Ltd, Maxmart Shipping & Trading Co., Ltd, Wan Hai Lines Ltd, Evergreen Marine, B Taiwan P&I Correspondent Co., Ltd, Evergreen International Corporation and Evergreen Marine.

The three sessions which were presented interactively covered a variety of pertinent issues affecting the shipping market. Rory MacFarlane spoke on ‘Classic Maritime v Limbungan Makmur [2019] – Establishing Force Majeure Can Be Rather Frustrating’. Janice Lee then discussed some key issues relating to the importance of ‘Governing Law and Dispute Resolution Clauses’, whilst Harry Hirst and Richard Oakley provided insights on ‘Collisions at Sea’ and walked through some of the do’s and don’ts within the first 48 hours of a collision.


The Ince Asia team has been successfully hosting the Taiwan Shipping Briefing in previous years and we thank our clients for their continuous support.