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Ince & Co #PressforProgress to mark International Women’s Day


To mark International Women’s Day on Thursday 8 March, the Ince & Co London office hosted a panel discussion with Jane Moriarty (Ince & Co Board member and Chair of the firm’s Audit & Risk Committee), Lucinda Case (Managing Director of Thomson Reuters Legal, UK & Ireland) and Ince & Co’s former Senior Partner and Consultant, Peter Rogan on pressing for progress in gender parity in the workplace.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #PressforProgress, in support of the global movement to progress gender parity. Ince & Co’s event focused on pressing for progress with Head of Talent Development, Sue Beavil, leading the discussion. Some key discussion points included:
>  Ensuring that the workplace is inclusive and attracts both men and women

>  Work-life balance and flexible working options not just being in place, but also accepted

>  How to retain female talent at pivotal points of their career, and 

>  How to encourage women to return to work and achieve balance between a progressive career and family life.

The conversation also addressed common misconceptions, such as that the gender parity issue would ‘fix itself’, despite figures of women and men in senior leadership roles still not demonstrating significant movement towards a more balanced representation. The panel were asked for one area in which they would #PressforProgress, which included that gender parity should not just be seen as a women’s issue and that men have a significant part to play in achieving gender parity. Another key area to press for progress, was in retaining female talent at key points of their career when considerations relating to balancing family life with a progressive career are most likely to occur.
The Q&A following the conversation led to a number of interesting questions: what men and women starting out in their careers can do to progress gender parity; how changes to paternity leave could have an impact on men and women balancing their careers with family life; what can be done in hierarchical companies to increase acceptance of flexible workplace initiatives; and the impact of the use of gender biased and stereotyped language in the workplace.
Head of Talent Development, Sue Beavil, commented: 

"It is imperative for us to be talking about gender parity in the workplace. If we want to affect change in attitudes and behaviour towards gender parity, inclusive leadership is essential. This is an area we are focusing on and will be continuously working on going forward."