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From Ince Gordon Dadds

Chambers Shipping Guide 2019 by Ince Gordon Dadds


The team at Ince Gordon Dadds recently contributed the UK chapter of the Chambers Shipping Guide 2019 which has now been published and is available for download.

The guide provides our shipping lawyers’ expert opinion on a range of topics including:  

    1. Maritime Finance: Legal Incentives for Maritime Finance Entities and Projects
    2. Substantive Provisions for Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims
    3. Procedure for Judicial Sale of Vessels Before Maritime Courts
    4. Carriage of Goods by Sea Claims
    5. Marine Accidents in Waterways

Click on the thumbnail below to download the guide


For more information, please contact any of the chapter authors: Beatrice RussMichael VolikasAntonia Jackson and Sophie Henniker-Major