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    COVID-19 – Potential impact on M&A transactions

    23.03.2020 |Corporate, Commercial

    Both Buyers and Sellers will need to be mindful of the potential impact of COVID-19 on new and ongoing M&A transactions. There are a number of issues that the parties might consider addressing at various stages of the transaction to protect themselves and provide an agreeable approach where risk is identified.

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    COVID-19: Impact on Supply Chain

    23.03.2020 |Corporate, Commercial

    The coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted supply chains globally. Suppliers and providers are finding it harder to deliver their usual services due to (amongst other things) workforce sickness and quarantine, logistics delays and in some cases country wide lockdown.

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    COVID-19: Governance

    17.03.2020 |Corporate, Commercial

    Company directors will need to prudently assess how to manage coronavirus risks within their businesses.

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    A Force of God – the impact of Coronavirus on Force Majeure clauses: An English perspective

    05.03.2020 |Commercial

    The worldwide human cost and impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is becoming more evident day by day. While the UK government is busy formulating an action plan for dealing with the increasing likelihood of a widespread outbreak on UK soil, it is essential that UK businesses also prepare for the worst in order to ward off (in so far as is possible) an economic cold

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