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    Probate Fees – a new stealth death tax?

    30.11.2018 |Personal wealth, Wills & succession planning

    The UK government recently announced that it will increase the cost of applying for probate (the process by which the estate of a deceased person is administered) from the current, fixed figure of £155 up to an eye watering £6,000.

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    A nasty surprise for off plan buyers

    26.11.2018 |Personal wealth, Wills & succession planning, Tax

    In the recent case of HMRC v Higgins (2018 UKUT 280) the Upper Tax Tribunal ruled that “off plan” property purchasers will not be able to claim the traditional relief from capital gains tax (CGT) for the period prior to them moving into their new properties.

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    Family investment companies: an innovative alternative to trusts?

    23.11.2018 |Personal wealth, Wills & succession planning

    When considering succession planning individuals increasingly prefer family investment companies (FICs) to the more traditional trust structure. The rise in the popularity of FICs for long-term wealth management is due to continuing favourable levels of UK corporation tax while trusts are increasingly taxed and regulated.

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    Requirement to Correct: HMRC’s new 200% tax penalty regime

    27.07.2018 |Personal wealth, Wills & succession planning, Tax

    From 30 September 2018, HMRC will introduce a new, more severe penalty regime that will apply to any unpaid UK tax connected to non-UK (otherwise known as ‘offshore’) assets. At its starting point, this new regime imposes financial penalties of 200% on any such unpaid tax, and the rules require a minimum of 100% to be levied, irrespective of taxpayer co-operation.

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    The inheritance tax issues facing foreign nationals owning UK property

    18.06.2018 |Wills & succession planning, Personal wealth

    he UK has historically been, and indeed remains, an attractive proposition for foreign nationals to live, work and invest their money. In past years a buoyant property market has led to large numbers of foreign nationals acquiring UK assets, often UK residential property, as an investment.

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    Protecting Trusts

    02.03.2018 |Wills & succession planning, Personal wealth

    On 6 April 2018 the second round of the UK government’s most recent legislation impacting non-UK resident trusts (also known as offshore trusts) will come into effect. The new legislation has introduced the concept of a “protected” offshore trust; a trust settled by a non-UK domiciled individual before they are deemed UK domiciled (now triggered by 15 years of residence within a 20 year period) and who does not have a UK domicile of origin.

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    The Crypto Factor

    21.12.2017 |Personal wealth, Wills & succession planning

    It is quite impossible to avoid the seemingly never ending press which has focused on the surge in demand and value of Bitcoin recently. In amongst the articles was an interesting piece about a man in Colorado, USA who died suddenly leaving a small fortune arising from his investments in Bitcoin.

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    WhatsApp Will

    20.10.2017 |Personal wealth, Wills & succession planning

    On the 9th October 2017, in the Supreme Court of Queensland Australia, Justice Brown ruled that an unsent text message found in the deceased’s phone constituted a valid form of will.

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