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    UK Marketing Challenges Persist for CBD

    05.05.2020 |Regulatory solutions

    While advertising cannabis-derived products in the U.K. is a challenge, more and more CBD companies are pushing their brands into the public consciousness using various media channels.

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    Cryptoassets – Believing the money laundering impact

    31.03.2020 |Regulatory solutions

    According to the Q4 2019 CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report , for 2019, the total of cryptocurrency-related frauds and thefts was US$4.5 billion including: US$370.7 million lost in exchange thefts and hacks and US$4.1 billion of losses stemming from fraud and misappropriation of funds.

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    Cyber Risk and Coronavirus: Your assets and your data may be more at risk now than ever

    30.03.2020 |Cyber security, Regulatory solutions

    Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the increasing amount of time that people spend online due to the coronavirus outbreak[1]. With the volume of business conducted online, our fear is becoming their business opportunity.

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    A Time for Courage

    20.03.2020 |Regulatory solutions

    It is day four of ‘Working From Home’ and, like many others across the country, the living room has become my new office. This is a concerning time for everyone and uncertainty abounds. In such situations, we look to government for guidance and support, not least in respect of how businesses can survive with everyone staying home.

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    CBD and Novel Foods: ACI provides more information

    05.03.2020 |Regulatory solutions

    More information on how the FSA Novel Food application procedure is going to work has been provided by the ACI. In particular they have provided further clarity on the application timetable and the likely cost burden on SMEs.

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    CBD and Novel Foods – The Devil is in the Detail

    19.02.2020 |Regulatory solutions

    Thursday’s Novel Food announcement by the FSA shouldn’t have caused any surprise, but then we had all been waiting for some time for information. It wasn’t the announcement that I would have wanted, but like Brexit, whether you were for it or against it, it has happened. At this point in time, any kind of clarity is welcome. Now we await the formal protocols of the application process but there is enough information around for us to start getting into the detail.

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    Crypto and compliance - what is next?

    04.11.2019 |Compliance, Regulatory solutions

    If in Roman Catholic theology, Limbo is the border place between heaven and hell, then Bitcoin and its peers have been living in somewhat of a regulatory limbo over the last couple of years.

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    Upping the stakes on responsible gambling

    10.04.2019 |Regulatory solutions, Gaming & betting

    Now that the anti-gambling lobby has won the battle over reduced stakes on FOBTs, attention has turned back to the online sector. Despite the rates of problem gambling remaining static at 0.8% of the UK population, this still leaves us with 340,000 or so problem gamblers. Therefore, as identified by Tracey Crouch, the then DCMS minister, in her May 2018 review, the next area of focus is the online sector

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