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    Liabilities for automated warehousing and distribution centres

    25.02.2019 |Commodities & trade

    The growth in e-commerce has brought the efficiency of warehousing and distribution centres to the fore. Rather than being bottle-necks and costs centres, warehouses are increasingly being seen as an asset, providing opportunities for value-added services and cost efficiencies.

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    Big Data Collection for Smart Mobility vs Privacy Concern - Is There a Golden Mean?

    25.02.2019 |Commodities & trade

    In December 2017 Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology Bureau launched its Smart City Blueprint setting out the steps that would need to be taken to develop Hong Kong into a Smart City. The Smart City initiative is divided into 6 key sectors: Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart People, Smart Government and Smart Economy.

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    Consolidation and Integration in the Logistics and Shipping Industries

    25.02.2019 |Commodities & trade

    Those who live in Hong Kong are familiar with the city’s giant conglomerates – your lunch, your phone service, your clothes and your flat may all be from the same group of companies. The same may soon become commonplace in the logistics and transport industries.

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    Anti-globalisation and its effect on supply chains

    25.02.2019 |Commodities & trade

    Following the 2008 crash, the world has seen a steady rise in anti-globalisation and populist sentiment, with free trade being blamed for everything from rising unemployment and decreased wage growth to rising immigration and forced technology transfer.

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    CILTHK Logistics Newsletter February 2019

    25.02.2019 |Commodities & trade

    The CILTHK Logistics Newsletter is a collaborative publication with The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong with the key objective to share insightful information and examine legal developments concerning the logistics sector.

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    Relevance of sub-sale contract in assessing damages for non-delivery

    19.09.2018 |Commodities & trade

    The Court of Appeal has considered when the market measure of damages will be displaced in cases of non-delivery of goods.

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    Arbitration appeal? Don’t delay

    28.06.2018 |Energy & infrastructure, Maritime, Commodities & trade

    A recent case has confirmed that minor corrections to an arbitration award using the “slips rule” cannot be relied upon to extend the strict 28 day limit for making an appeal to the English court from such an award (and nor do uncorrected minor typos create a bar to seeking an appeal).

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    Qatar Diplomatic Crisis

    04.06.2018 |Sanctions, Commodities & trade, Maritime, Insurance, Energy & infrastructure, Commercial Disputes, Corporate, Aviation & travel, Banking & finance, Sanctions

    Refer here for updates on subsequent legal implications.

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