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Ince is committed to providing clients with regular updates on legislative and industry changes in the form of publications, e-briefs and newsletters.

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    Bulletin 7 - When and how European countries are opening up to yachting

    20.05.2020 |Yachts and superyachts

    This week, as countries start to ease restrictions and open ‘for business’, we take a look at what guidelines are in place in key European yachting centres. With information changing almost daily and each country approaching it differently it has not been easy to stay abreast!

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    BULLETIN 6: Notaries

    12.05.2020 |Yachts and superyachts

    In this week’s bulletin we look at the situation in various jurisdictions in relation to notary services.

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    BULLETIN 5: Yachting events in times of Covid 19, lock down and social distancing

    06.05.2020 |Yachts and superyachts

    As the whole world has been hit by the Novell Corona Virus, the disease and the resulting world-wide endeavours to keep the population safe and healthy through lockdowns, social distancing, travel bans and quarantines, the yachting world of yacht shows and yacht racing has not been spared. Both yacht shows and yacht racing primarily involves moving large pieces of equipment and a large number of people around the world to the respective venues and this is even before the event properly starts.

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    BULLETIN 4: Sale and Purchase of Superyachts

    23.04.2020 |Yachts and superyachts

    In this latest briefing from the Ince Yachts & Superyachts team, we look at some of the obstacles to the sale and purchase of superyachts during the lockdown, and some potential legal solutions.

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    BULLETIN THREE: Covid-19 and Force Majeure

    14.04.2020 |Maritime, Yachts and superyachts

    Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have increasingly been asked by our clients to advise on whether the pandemic itself or events arising out of COVID-19 amount to force majeure events, excusing one or both parties from performing all or part of their obligations under a contract. In this bulletin, we will consider how force majeure events are defined and how this is relevant to the yacht industry in the context of COVID-19, with a particular focus on yacht-building contracts and yacht charters.

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    BULLETIN TWO: Covid-19 and its impact on crews

    07.04.2020 |Yachts and superyachts

    The global Covid-19 pandemic has and will continue to have significant impact on yacht crews around the globe. This bulletin shall briefly address the challenges that crews and their employers face in these times and demonstrate an insight into the legal framework into which solutions must fit.

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    BULLETIN ONE: Yacht chartering & the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    01.04.2020 |Yachts and superyachts

    Over the coming weeks Ince will be sending out a series of bulletins for the international yacht industry. They will cover a number of key areas. If there are any areas you would specifically like covered please get in contact with us, we would love to hear from you.

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    Siobhan Silk talks about the future of the Superyacht industry

    10.10.2019 |Yachts and superyachts

    The Superyacht Business Report posed the following question to Siobhan Silk, “What must the superyacht industry do to facilitate greater success in the future?”

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