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    Covid-19: New UK Government guidance on responsible contracting

    22.05.2020 |Corporate

    At a time when companies are working through the impact of Covid-19 on their business, employees, contracts and supply chains, the Government has issued guidance on ‘responsible contractual behaviour’ for contracts ‘materially impacted’ by Covid-19 (i.e. to those difficult or impossible to perform). It calls on parties to act responsibly and fairly during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to protect businesses, jobs, supply chains and the UK’s economic recovery.

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    Covid-19: Are your terms and conditions ready for trade post-lockdown?

    22.05.2020 |Corporate

    As social distancing measures are slowly being eased across the globe, many businesses will be revisiting their own (and their supplier) T&Cs as they look to resume trade.

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    Companies House COVID-19 Measures

    15.05.2020 |Corporate

    UK companies have been impacted not only with uncertainties surrounding operation of their businesses, but also with their routine dealings with the Registrar of Companies. Arrangements for filing and obtaining company information has changed, so we have provided a summary of key changes and actions taken by Companies House in response to COVID-19 so far.

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    COVID-19: Getting ready for sale during the pandemic

    30.04.2020 |Corporate

    The pandemic will undoubtedly brew uncertainty in M&A transactions. Many potential sellers who had hoped to sell their business will be reconsidering whether this is the right time. Likewise buyers, may find funding difficult and question whether such an investment is wise during this time. In either scenario, the negotiation process is likely to be drawn out. In order to therefore maintain the momentum of the sale process, prospective sellers should utilise this time to get their ‘house in order’. This will allow sellers to package the business to be sold so that it can continue to operate on a day-to-day basis, but also give them flexibility to move to a sale process at short notice at the optimal time.

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    Common Legal Queries in the UAE

    28.04.2020 |Corporate

    Aside from the impact of Covid-19 and its legal implications, we have been asked several legal questions during the first three months of this year related to employment or banking operations. In these questions and answers, we will focus on the rights granted to the employer to compel the employee to take paid leave and the remuneration to be paid to the employee during such leave. On the banking side, we will tackle issues related to the termination of a credit agreement for an indefinite period, the right for the bank to refuse payment of an unconditional guarantee, and the time bar granted to a creditor in order to claim his debt and to benefit from the surety issued in his favour.

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    COVID 19: Impact on BREXIT

    24.04.2020 |Corporate

    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly influenced the Brexit timetable. The possibility of concluding an agreed framework to govern the future relationship between the UK and EU and the necessary systems to implement the framework before 31 December 2020 looked ambitious even before the coronavirus crisis struck. Attempting to meet the deadline when a public health emergency exists appears even more challenging.

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    COVID-19: Joint Ventures

    16.04.2020 |Corporate

    Disrupted supply chains, abrupt decline in corporate earnings, funding cutbacks, concerns over commercial sustainability of contracts, key event cancellations and a marked reduction in consumer activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic have all had an impact on markets and businesses around the globe. Joint venture (“JV”) participants in all industries and sectors are suddenly having to manage risks and take decisions they had not anticipated or prepared for in their contractual arrangements. Many JV participants are finding it difficult to meet undertakings they have given to the JV and the severe impact on revenues has meant funding has been compromised.

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    COVID-19: Are you(r contracts) frustrated?

    16.04.2020 |Corporate

    Following on from Ince’s recent article on force majeure clauses, we consider the common law rules on frustration. Frustration may provide relief for parties under English law governed contracts entered into before the onset of COVID-19 which are now difficult or impossible to perform and where there is no force majeure clause in the contract or a force majeure clause does not sufficiently capture an event such as COVID-19.

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