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    Update on the impact of the Coronavirus on the Aviation Industry

    06.03.2020 |Aviation & Travel

    The COVID-19 outbreak has already had a severe impact on the aviation sector. “Air traffic has collapsed on key Asian routes and it is rippling throughout the air transport network globally, even between countries without major outbreaks of COVID-19.”[1] Flybe yesterday announced its collapse, in part it says due to the effect of coronavirus upon bookings. Airlines are experiencing a serious decline in demand: “one carrier has taken a 26% reduction in passenger numbers across its entire operation and a major carrier has reported booking to Italy collapsing to zero with customers demanding refunds. Many carriers are reporting 50% no-shows across several markets, future bookings are softening and carriers are reacting with flight cancellation, crew being given unpaid leave, freezing of pay increases and plans for aircraft to be grounded.”[2]

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    Qatar Diplomatic Crisis

    04.06.2018 |Sanctions, Commodities & trade, Maritime, Insurance, Energy & Infrastructure, Commercial Disputes, Corporate, Aviation & Travel, Banking & finance, Sanctions

    Refer here for updates on subsequent legal implications.

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    Droning on: new drone regulation in the UAE

    23.04.2018 |Regulatory, commercial & corporate, Aviation & Travel

    Only a few years ago, many people had never seen or even heard of a drone. Today, in many major cities around the world, it would be an achievement to get through the week without seeing at least one. This is particularly true in Dubai. The UAE is striving to become a world leader in the use and development of drone technology.

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    Is the global aviation industry prepared for GDPR?

    05.04.2018 |Aviation & Travel, GDPR and UK data protection

    The aviation sector collects and has access to a huge amount of personal data. Airlines, airports and their service providers routinely hold and process passenger information, crew and employee details, customer lists and details of business contacts.

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    Qatar Q&A

    07.07.2017 |Aviation & Travel, Corporate, Commercial Disputes, Energy & Infrastructure, Banking & finance, Insurance, Commodities & trade, Maritime

    We have collated the most commonly asked questions and answers below, as well as some points to bear in mind, to provide a handy reference point as first port of call in case any queries relating to the Qatar situation arise.

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    Qatar: Recent updates

    23.06.2017 |Sanctions, Commodities & trade, Corporate, Aviation & Travel, Maritime, Sanctions

    On 22 June Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain issued a stringent list of demands to Qatar.

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    Jurisdiction clause in crew contracts overridden by ECJ interpretation of place of work

    19.06.2017 |Employment, Aviation & Travel, Corporate

    Complexity in respect of choice of applicable law and jurisdiction can be an issue for organisations who have employees working in different countries.The European Court of Justice was asked to rule on the interpretation of the concept of “the place where the employee habitually carries out his work” in the recent Ryanair case concerning flight crew contracts.

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    Qatar: June update

    06.06.2017 |Maritime, Aviation & Travel, Corporate, Commodities & trade, Banking & finance

    On 5 June 2017, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt severed tied with Qatar and required the closure of land, sea and air borders.

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