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Ince is committed to providing clients with regular updates on legislative and industry changes in the form of publications, e-briefs and newsletters.

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    Brexit and the repatriation of EU laws

    31.03.2017 |IP, Media and Tech

    The Government’s White Paper “Legislating for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union” has confirmed the general approach that the proposed “Great Repeal Bill” will take.

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    Taking client data with you when you change jobs

    07.02.2017 |IP, Media and Tech

    The Information Commissioner’s Office has issued a salutary reminder of what the consequences can be of taking client contact data with you when you change jobs.

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    Unfair Consumer Terms

    09.11.2016 |Commercial Disputes

    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which is responsible for upholding consumer law as well as competition law, has just published research suggesting that the majority of UK businesses do not fully understand the rules on unfair terms in consumer contracts, and that this directly affects how they treat their customers.

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    Data Protection – the EU-US “Privacy Shield” is here – for now!

    18.07.2016 |IP, Media and Tech

    In February we commented on the agreement reached between the EU and US authorities on a new framework for transatlantic data flows, called the “EU-US Privacy Shield”. This would allow the transfer of personal data from EU countries to the USA, where other legal justifications for this are not available.

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    Data Protection – Update on the US “Safe Harbor” scheme

    09.02.2016 |IP, Media and Tech

    Last October we reported on the demise of the EU-US “Safe Harbor” scheme, as a result of the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the case of Maximilian Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland.

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    Implied terms – beyond Belize

    06.01.2016 |Commercial Disputes

    The aim of a contract is to set out what has been agreed between the parties, and so to avoid future disagreement. Where a contract is written down, one looks primarily at the written terms. However, in some cases it is not clear from the written terms what should happen in particular circumstances.

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    “Night Manager” style contracts – in the blink of an eye!

    04.01.2016 |TMT

    Amid the dazzling thrills of BBC TV’s acclaimed recent series based on John Le Carré’s novel, “The Night Manager”, viewers may have been bemused by the sequences (including the gripping finale) where a vast (and of course illegal) arms deal was completed (apparently) through the use of iris recognition technology on a portable device. Is this a sign of things to come?

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    Implementing Slavery and Human Trafficking Statements – a potential PR pothole?

    30.10.2015 |Commercial Disputes

    The Modern Slavery Act 2015 consolidates offences relating to slavery and human trafficking. The mischief was regarded as sufficiently grave to include a requirement (under section 54 of the Act) for all UK commercial organisations over a certain size to produce a “slavery and human trafficking statement” for each financial year (known as the transparency in supply chains etc requirement).

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