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Traffic Separation Schemes - Has crossing a traffic lane just become legally more onerous?

01.10.2019 Maritime

Harry Hirst

Harry Hirst Consultant and Master Mariner

The Singapore Court handed down judgment recently in the case of the collision between the Hanjin Ras Laffan and the Mount Apo: [2019] SGHC 57.

The collision occurred in the westbound traffic lane of the Singapore Strait Traffic Separation Scheme (“TSS”). The Hanjin Ras Laffan was proceeding in this traffic lane and the Mount Apo was crossing it in order to enter the eastbound traffic lane. The Singapore Court found the Mount Apo most to blame – 60% - for the collision and notwithstanding she was the stand-on vessel in this crossing situation. In doing so, has the Singapore Court just made crossing a traffic lane legally more onerous?

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Article authors:

Harry Hirst