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Sector Insights

SPECIAL EDITION: Insurance E-Brief

17.05.2019 Insurance, Reinsurance

We’re pleased to share with you the seventh edition of The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review.

Ince Gordon Dadds is a member of The Law Reviews’ leading panel of contributors and the team this year led by Peter Rogan as the Editor, contributed to the following topics:

• Chapter 1 - Artificial Intelligence 

Chapter 2 – Cyber Insurance 

Chapter 3 – Fraud Insurance Claims 

Chapter 14 – England and Wales 

Chapter 16 – Germany 

Chapter 17 – Greece 

“Looking ahead, 2019 is likely to see new developments and new legal issues. In particular, the impact of insurtech on the way in which insurance is underwritten, serviced and distributed will present challenges around the world. To reflect this, we have added a new chapter on artificial intelligence.

“I hope that you find this seventh edition of The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review of use in seeking to understand today’s legal challenges, and I would like once again to thank all the contributors.”Peter Rogan, Editor