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Sector Insights

Business Simulation at Ince Gordon Dadds


Last week we held our first Business Simulation Workshop run by experienced coaching and business professionals. The event was well-attended by in-house counsel from a variety of successful businesses as well as members of our team.

Shortly after arrival attendees were invited to form small teams and to take on key roles in the senior management team of a fictional company. Throughout the afternoon the teams worked together to create strategies and make decisions which ultimately would determine the success, or failure, of their company. At the conclusion of the event, delegates were presented with the final outputs of their carefully constructed logic and a victorious management team selected by their peers.

Very different from your standard training session, this event was designed to take attendees outside their comfort zones and force them to make decisions based on imperfect information within short time frames. This experiential learning workshop enabled attendees to experience first-hand the pressures felt by colleagues within their businesses and improve their understanding of how best to interact with, and support, their peers.

We received great feedback from the event with many of the attending counsel commenting that the day was ‘beneficial’, ‘stimulating’ and above all ‘fun’ and we were delighted to see the level of enthusiasm from attendees.
This was only the first in a series of events designed to bring our network of in-house counsel together to discuss their challenges, share best practice and have some fun along the way.