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    The Poseidon Principles

    26.02.2020 |Maritime

    The superyacht industry as a whole is navigating an innovative journey towards sustainability and we are witnessing a move towards ‘greener’ superyachts, hybrid propulsion and other carbon offset measures. The Poseidon Principles will soon start a trickle down effect….

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    Court discharges freezing order in unsubstantiated misdelivery claim

    24.02.2020 |Maritime

    The Court has discharged a freezing order that was originally granted on an ex parte basis. The Court found that the claim, on its substance, had no seriously arguable merit and that the factual circumstances relevant to the possible merits of the intended substantive claim had not been not fully and fairly presented to the Court that had granted the freezing order.

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    Anti-suit injunctions: owners of the M.V. Joker have the last laugh

    21.02.2020 |Maritime

    This dispute arose out of a cargo damage claim. The Defendant receivers commenced proceedings against the owners of the M.V. Joker in Bangladesh, despite the fact that a London arbitration clause had been incorporated into the bills of lading. The Shipowners, therefore, sought an anti-suit injunction from the English Court, in order to restrain the Receivers from taking further steps to advance their claim in Bangladesh. The Court found in favour of the Claimant and awarded a final anti-suit injunction.

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    The Points Based System – Version .02

    20.02.2020 |Immigration

    Free Movement of EEA workers is ending on 31 December 2020 and the Government published a policy statement today to introduce a new Points-Based Immigration System. This will apply to all migrants from 1 January 2021, whether or not they are from the European Union. It is branded as a new system, but it is essentially a repackage of current and old rules with a few changes to the details. On one hand the new rules will be more transparent and it will be easier for people to qualify for work visas. On the other hand, EU citizens will be unaccustomed to the idea, and considerable expense, of obtaining a work visa. In any event it is important that migrants and employers are prepared.

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    CBD and Novel Foods – The Devil is in the Detail

    19.02.2020 |Regulatory solutions

    Thursday’s Novel Food announcement by the FSA shouldn’t have caused any surprise, but then we had all been waiting for some time for information. It wasn’t the announcement that I would have wanted, but like Brexit, whether you were for it or against it, it has happened. At this point in time, any kind of clarity is welcome. Now we await the formal protocols of the application process but there is enough information around for us to start getting into the detail.

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    IMO 2020: Impending Carriage Ban - “Legitimate” de-bunker/disposal practices


    The International Maritime Organisation’s (“IMO”) “carriage ban” rule makes it an offence, as of 1 March 2020, for ships to carry fuel oils that contain sulphur content higher than 0.5%, unless the vessel has a scrubber or the fuel is carried as cargo.

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    Domestic Abuse

    14.02.2020 |Family & matrimonial

    It has been reported in the media that Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, hosted an event on Wednesday to highlight the invaluable work that the organization 'SafeLives' undertakes to support victims of Domestic Abuse.

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    Coronavirus and its impact on your contract ꟷ can you rely on 'Force Majeure'?

    14.02.2020 |Maritime

    On 30 January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (the “Coronavirus”) was a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly both within China and globally in recent months. Both the Chinese government and other countries have adopted various measures aimed at containing the spread of the Coronavirus.

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