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What we look for

Whilst our trainees come from diverse backgrounds and each have something different to offer, there are some key attributes and skills we look for in all trainees at Ince.

As a niche law firm it is important that trainees who join us have a genuine interest in the areas we work in. A number of our trainees have had previous careers or exposure to these areas, which can be beneficial when starting a career here. Whilst previous experience in our sectors is not required, we do expect all applicants to be able to demonstrate that they have researched the firm in depth and are able to demonstrate a genuine interest in working in our specialist areas. With a large proportion of our partners having trained with us, we hope our trainees will have an equally long and successful career with us- therefore it is critical that our areas align with your own passions and interests.

With Ince’s flexible training contract it is also important that trainees who join us are pro-active and are able to balance different priorities effectively. This is a key skill that will be important throughout your whole career at Ince, whether you are a trainee or a partner at the firm. It is definitely something we look to assess during the selection process, so being able to speak about how you organise your time and stay on top of your various commitments is very important.

Last but not least, we look for trainees that are practical and are able to display a good degree of common sense. Our clients expect practical solutions that work for their unique circumstances, so being able to look at legal issues from a commercial and practical perspective is key.