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Entry requirements

For training contracts, your field of study will determine when you can make an application. For those who are studying a law degree you can apply from the penultimate year of your degree. If you have chosen to study a non-law degree you will be able to apply from the final year of your degree as you need to allow you time to complete your GDL and LPC.

We recruit an even mix of law and non-law graduates, and from a wide range of different backgrounds. A significant proportion of our trainees have also had experience in other areas before pursuing a career in Law, or have already completed the GDL or LPC so don’t be put off applying if you have already graduated.

Academically you’ll need at least a 2:1 at degree level and AAB at A-level to apply for both a training contract and the Vacation Scheme. In some circumstances we are able to make exceptions to this benchmark where other areas of your application are particularly strong or you have mitigating circumstances that have affected your studies. Where the latter is the case please make sure to let us know of your specific circumstances when you submit your application.

If you are unsure on whether or not you are eligible to apply then please contact a member of the recruitment team at who will be able to discuss your application with you in more detail.