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Our approach to pricing sets us apart from many of our direct competitors and other law firms.

First, we have dedicated pricing partners for each area of expertise.  

Second,  we develop our pricing options collaboratively, putting each client’s needs at the centre of the process.  

It is clear to us that our clients want to see:

  • real efforts to reduce legal costs. In other words, to move away from a ‘cost-plus’ mentality
  • greater cost-consciousness 
  • a range of pricing and payment options
  • involvement in the pricing aspect of the relationship
  • greater transparency
  • pricing certainty and budgetary predictability - a ‘no-surprises’ policy
  • a clear correlation between price and the perceived value of the results achieved 
  • greater price risk sharing.

What does this mean for you?

We first seek to establish priorities in respect of each matter. Are you interested in:

  • pricing choice
  • pricing certainty
  • price linked to result
  • fee risk sharing 
  • payment choice?

When we have a clear understanding of what is important to you, what you are happy to pay for, and the extent to which you wish to assume price risk or to share that risk, we will develop pricing and in some cases payment choices for you to select from. The pricing choices may vary depending upon the category of matter and include:

  • fixed fees for the entire case and/or stages of the matter
  • traditional hourly rates formula
  • collar arrangements
  • conditional fee arrangements or damages based agreements.

There are many other alternatives. 

Once the client has chosen (and that is key here: our clients have made it clear that they much prefer to be given choice rather than being presented with a single option) the pricing option that suits their needs best, we will document the arrangement. This provides clarity as to the scope of our engagement, and any assumptions and exclusions that may apply. 

Our goal is to ensure that however the particular matter plays out, each client feels they have had good value for money.  

‘Their lawyers have “expert knowledge and great attention to detail, and are nice people to work with,” with core strengths across commodities litigation, shipping, and energy trading.’

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